Rebecca and Elissa Downie : « To be in Rio together was an incredible achievement »

[ENGLISH VERSION] Back to Rio, Rebecca (24) and Elissa (17) Downie, the two most famous sisters in the British gymnastics, test the double feature interview for Gym and News.

Gym and News : How were your Olympic Games in Rio ?
Becky :
Rio was an overall great experience, you can always learn from every situation and the Olympics is always a special time. For us both to be in Rio together was an incredible achievement itself and although the competition didn’t quite go my way I was very proud to be representing GB at my second Olympics.
Ellie : It was such an amazing experience we all had a lot of fun and the atmosphere was just phenomenal. We could of had a better competition then we did but it’s all learning curves for next time.


What are your next goals ?
Becky :
In gymnastics to keep having fun & improving. I think my future is still very exciting in gymnastics and in life I’d like to start my own business !
Ellie : Our British and English Champs on 2017 and the Europeans.

How would you describe you relationship as sisters ?
Becky :
I’d say we are both really close, we know we can always rely on each other when we need to.
Ellie : I would say we’re are just like best friends really because we do everything together and we just get on and know each other so well.

Is there competition between you ?
Becky :
No not really, we genuinely really support each other and we know there will be times & opportunities inside & outside the gym that can’t always suit us both but we are always proud of each other’s success.
Ellie : I wouldn’t say there is because our strengths in gymnastics differ although we’re always fighting for a place on the same team.


What is your best memory together ?
Becky :
In gym – probably our world team medal in 2015 and life I couldn’t tell you, we have sooooooooo many great family memories !
Ellie : In gym I would either say 2014 Europeans because we both got our first European titles on the same day or 2015 World Champs when we won our historic team bronze. For life, I don’t know, we have way to many aha !

Who is the funniest ?
Becky :
Ellie ….. She’s always laughing at something.
Ellie : hmm I would say me because I just say random stuff.

Becky, how would you describe Ellie’s gym ? Ellie, how would you describe Becky’s gym ?
Becky :
Ellie is a really powerful dynamic gymnast.
Ellie : Becky’s gymnastics is very elegant and just looks so natural/graceful.

Becky Downie

What is the best quality of the other ?
Becky :
Ellie is a really bubbly social person and is genuinely great fun to be around.
Ellie : I would have to say her positivity.

What is the biggest flaw of the other ?
Becky :
Ellie is quite messy and can be pretty unorganised (LOL)
Ellie : Well Becky can moan a little bit too much (LOL)

Who is your favourite gymnast ?
Becky :
Aliya Mustafina
Ellie : I would say Max Whitlock or my sister Becky

Ellie Downie

Who has the worst character ?
Becky :
I don’t think one of us has a worse character than the other. We both have a good attitude towards our sport which has enabled us to be successful and we’re both very supportive of each other. However, Ellie is probably more moody in the mornings, haha.
Ellie : I don’t think one of us has a worst character, however I can be moody in the mornings, haha.

A regret ?
Becky : I don’t have any regrets. I enjoy working hard and I get to do something I love every day. Not many people can say that and I have the best support system of friends, family and staff always there to help me out.
Ellie : I don’t have any regrets, because I put a 110% effort in always and if it doesn’t work out then you try again.

Becky, a declaration for Becky ? Ellie, a declaration for Becky ?
Becky :
If you believe you can do it, that’s all that matters.
Ellie : Winners never quit and quitters never win. 

Interview by Charlotte Laroche (Gym and News)


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