Marian Dragulescu : « Win the only medal I am missing in my career »

[ENGLISH VERSION] At age 35 and despite a record of medals any athlete would dream of, Marian Dragulescu is still there and has still high ambitions. The famous Romanian, already well known as Olympic, world and European medalist, came back to performance in January 2015 after a break of seven years, and keeps on shining on competition. He finishes this European Championships with two silver medals, and is now focusing on the Olympic Games to get the only medal he is missing : the Olympic gold medal. Interview.

Gym and news : How was your European Championships ? You won two more silver médals in Bern, are you surprised ? Or was it your goal ?
Marian Dragulescu : European was a very good test for me before Olympics; I had big start value on floor and vault. So after I did my routines I new I can win a medal ! I expected to get in the finals and to get medals !

How will unfold your preparation to Rio ?
Working hard, smart and staying healthy !

What is your objective in Rio ?
Getting into finals on floor and vault, and hope to win a gold medal, the only medal I am missing in my career.

dragulescu bern
Marian Dragulescu with Nikita Nagornyy and Alexander Shatilov in Bern.

Why and when did you decide to come back ?
I was missing gymnastics, and I decided to get back to performance and to follow my dream again by winning the only missing medal: olympic gold medal.

What did you do during your retirement ?
I was coaching kids gymnastics to my club in Bucharest ( Steaua ) I was promoting also three kids to olympic Junior team.

How long do you train a week ? A day ?
I train twice a day, five hours total. For a week I have 11 trainings.

Your body doesn’t suffer too ?
When you do performance your body always suffer, but I have a really good care of my body, a lot of physical preparation and good stretch every training.

Who is your main competitor ? And you was (before 2008) your main competitor ?
My main competitor was an is always me.

 What he failed to Romania to qualify for Olympic Games ?
Small start value and not clean routines.

What do you think of the France team ?
They are a very strong gymnasts.

What you are missing to stop serenely gym ? 
A gold medal in Olympics Game.

Interview by Charlotte Laroche, Gym and News

Marian Dragulescu in Bern (European Championships 2016) :


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