Marcel Nguyen : « As long as my body is okay with it, I want to continue »

[ENGLISH VERSION] Medalist at the last Olympic Games in London, in 2012, the German Marcel Nguyen is preparing to play the third Olympic Games of his career. Before flying to Rio, he reveals his ambitions. Interview.

Gym and News : Marcel, you are currently one of the most talented gymnasts in the world, can you quickly get back on your beginnings in gymnastics ? When did you start gym and why ? 
Marcel Nguyen : I started gymnastics when I was 6,5 years old. First everyone thought this is too late to start, but I had so much fun and I learned a lot pretty fast. I started gymnastics because I always tried to do splits and stuff in our living room at home and my mum was a gymnast too when she was young. That’s why she brought me into a gym 1999.

What is your objective in Rio ?
First of all I think we have a great German team. I hope this time we can reach the team final. And, of course, I want to show everyone that I’m really good on bars ;).

Will you have new items in your routines in the Olympics ? 
No. Now I just want to train on all the little things in my routines like the landings on floor for example.

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What’s your strengths ? 
My strengths are my mental fitness and that I’m a good performer under pressure… and of course my bars…

Your weakness ?
My weakness is my foot and my landings on floor. I already had two surgeries on it and there will be one more after Rio.

What are you memories of London ? 
There are many great memories. I still can’t describe those amazing feelings I had.

What it feels like riding for the first time on an Olympic podium ? Four years later, you remember the emotions you felt at that time ?
I had tears in my eyes when I walked into the arena. It was the moment I realized my biggest dream comes true.

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After Rio, you will continue gym ? 
I still love gymnastics a lot. As long as my body is okay with it, I want to continue. In 2019 the World Championships take place in Stuttgart. So of course I want to continue to participate there !

What do you think about french team ? 
They are strong and friendly boys. I wish them all the best, although our goal is to beat them.

The French girls loves you ! Do you know that ? What would you like to say to your French fans ?  
Olalala, merci Beaucoup ! For me it’s a big motivation to know that other people like my performances.

By Charlotte Laroche for Gym and News

Marcel Nguyen in London (2012) : 


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